Endorsement from Dr. Mary Kelleher-Fitz

I’m supporting Jacqueline Abernathy in the ASP presidential primary and encouraging you to do so too. Even at this early date we can already see that the choices provided for us by the two major parties are going to be abysmal. Both parties fail particularly in the important issue of protection of life. Dr. Abernathy‘s education is in social work and public policy. She is experienced in the area of medical ethics and has worked predominantly to defend life such as a 2003 pre–natal protection act and a 2015 law to restore feeding tube rights. She was also involved in the passing of Terri‘s Law which empowered the governor of Florida to sign an executive order restoring her feeding tube after it was removed a second time. This work has included appearing at several legislative hearings, So having worked with governmental agencies and processes, Dr. Abernathy has the experience a president, and even a presidential candidate, needs. Dr. Abernathy has also secured many multi–million dollar government grants for various non–profits which also has given her similar experience with how government works. Dr. Abernathy knows that life issues are all inter–related and that none of them are simple. For example, women need social support by law for any ban on abortion to remain permanent. The poor and working classes are most likely to suffer from environmental devastation. Respect for the lives of the unborn cannot be separated from respect for the lives of the indigent, the sick, and the disabled. Through education, work experience, and personal experience,  Dr. Abernathy not only knows the importance of life issues; she knows how to work for solutions to the issues.

Published by Dr. Jacqueline Abernathy

American Solidarity Party candidate for president in 2024.

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