Endorsement from Lois Kerschen

Since the Democrats are planning to make abortion the theme of their presidential campaign, I think it is critically important that ASP counters their arguments with a pro-life woman on the ticket. Our credibility in this political climate depends on having a woman talk about women’s issues, especially someone with Dr. Abernathy’s understanding of pregnancy and motherhood. 

To grow the party and attract voters, ASP will do best to offer a woman as its presidential candidate because America has long been deficient in female presidential candidates, there is widespread desire to elect a woman, and women voters, who vote in greater numbers than men, will more likely vote for a woman. Having Dr. Abernathy on the ticket will gain ASP a strategic advantage and media attention.

Lois Kerschen
Board of Advisors, American Solidarity Party

Published by Dr. Jacqueline Abernathy

American Solidarity Party candidate for president in 2024.

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