Endorsement from Dr. Michael New

I am writing this letter to vouch for the exceptionally strong pro-life credentials of Jacqueline Abernathy who is seeking the American Solidarity Party’s 2024 Presidential nomination. I have known Jacqueline since 2012. She was a Ph.D. student at the University of North Texas and her dissertation involved analyzing state level variation in end of life and futile care policy.  Since receiving her Ph.D., Jacqueline has literally dedicated her professional career to defending the sanctity of all human life. 

Jacqueline testified in front of the Texas state legislature and succeeded in her efforts to reform Texas’ futile care law. She has also testified against assisted suicide in front of the Connecticut state legislature.  She was also hired by the state of Alabama to draft an expert report defending legislation that would require abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. As an expert witness in this case, she had to undergo a deposition where she spent hours fielding hostile questions from a pro-abortion ACLU attorney.

In addition to this, Jacqueline received a grant to launch a website, Reproductive Research Audit which provided hard hitting pro-life commentary and analysis on research pertaining to abortion and assisted suicide.  She has written articles on assisted suicide for Ethika Politika, National Review Online, and Public Discourse.  She has experience as a sidewalk counselor. Overall, Jacqueline Abernathy is a passionate and articulate defender of the sanctity of all human life. She would be an exceptionally strong pro-life Presidential nominee for the American Solidarity Party in 2024.

Michael J. New, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Practice
The Busch School of Business
The Catholic University of America

Published by Dr. Jacqueline Abernathy

American Solidarity Party candidate for president in 2024.

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