Pro-Life is Pro-Woman

There’s a false narrative that presents abortion as necessary for women’s equality when in fact, it is an impediment to our equality. Women are told that we can’t be equal to men unless we can instantly become like men by having an abortion when pregnancy and motherhood threaten our opportunities at work or school, etc. We are basically told that we cannot exist as women and have the same rights that men have unless we are willing to sacrifice our flesh and blood. 

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Is it any wonder why we don’t get the proper accommodations that we need like family housing at universities or maternity leave? It is cheaper and easier to just tell us that our own children are the problem and the threat to our equality when this discrimination is the real enemy. Women make up more than half of the US population and 86% of us will become mothers anyway at some point WITHOUT these just supports. And we’re just supposed to deal with it. 

We must demand better. One of the major barriers is that the supposedly “pro-life” side of the aisle is also the side that fights diligently against pro-woman reform. They’re also the side that has sadly validated so many of the pro-abortion left’s claims that anti-abortion people care only about babies and not about women and will throw women under the bus to protect unborn children. I saw this with my own eyes when there were sexual assault apologetics from Republicans in defense of Donald Trump and then Brent Kavanaugh. Many in the mainstream pro-life movement were excusing these unconscionable crimes against the human dignity of women because they wanted Roe overturned. I actually heard people claim that sexual assault was bad but abortion is worse because women survive rape and babies don’t survive abortion!

And do you remember when Donald Trump campaigned on putting post-abortive women in jail just because he thought that’s what his new base wanted to hear? Do you recall the lengths the mainstream pro-life movement went to, scrambling to do damage control and trying to explain that this has never been our approach to legally protecting unborn babies? (No, we go after those who are clearly culpable and exploit whatever situation a woman might be in to make money off of her desperation and/or coerced, often misinformed decision.) 

I plan to campaign on the fact that women don’t need to resort to the violence of abortion to succeed, as evidenced by my own success as a woman and a mother who has faced difficult pregnancies and discrimination. I’m also able to correct the disgusting propaganda that attempts to exploit miscarriages as evidence that women need the ability to kill their children at will. Ending elective abortion does not in any way inhibit the standard of care when it comes to treating women—like myself— who have had ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages and need medication to induce labor or surgical interventions like the D&C, which I also sadly needed. 

I plan to redeem all of the ways that the pro-life movement has been misrepresented by the right-wing Republican side of the duopoly while also correcting the propaganda from the Democrat side. I have the expertise and lived experience to make this case in a way that a man simply cannot. This is the final hallmark of my campaign and would heavily feature into my PR strategy as the first pro-life woman on the presidential ballot since Ellen McCormack in 1980, the year I was born.

For more about my strategy you can visit the following link and listen to this section of my recent interview:

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American Solidarity Party candidate for president in 2024.

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